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DIY Green Projects - On ABC News Answered

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"We're going to look at some of the best Do It Yourself green projects"

ABC just ran a piece interviewing Julie Gerstein from The Daily Green about their Heart of Green Awards.  The interview spotlighted the Trash-to-Craft Challenge in which The Daily Green teamed up with Etsy to show off green projects that highlight the resuse and repurposing aspect of the materials.  And as luck would have it, all of the projects shown in the interview can be found on instructables!  You can go check out the piece on ABC News, and check out the instructables here!

In order of their appearance:
#1 - Bike Chain Bracelet
#2 - Tin Can Reading Lamp
#3 - Succulent Plant Quilt
#4 - Cardboard Chaise Lounge
#5 - Vertical Vegetable Garden
#6 - DIY Sock Creations
#7 - Berry Picker

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Goodhart (author)2011-06-06

Interesting....I am sorry I only just now came across this...

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StumpChunkman (author)Goodhart2011-06-09

Well, I suppose since this is your first offense, I can forgive you.


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Goodhart (author)StumpChunkman2011-06-09

:-) Hah, being married (to my wife) means being late for nearly everything....I'm too busy to be anywhere or do anything "on time" LOL

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