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DIY Hacks for Tiny Bathroom (solving the world's serious issues) Answered

We all know it's a major problem circumnavigating the globe: tiny bathroom living. 

My burning question is... How is one supposed to shave their legs in a shower-stall-only bathroom? 

Must we sit on the floor with our legs hanging out of the shower just so we can function? Is there no one who can stop this injustice!?

What DIY hack can YOU come up with to solve this ever-growing epidemic? (Or what do YOU do to accomplish a streamlined look?) 

Save the hairy legs!

Thank you. 


if you are willing to think outside the box .. or shower stall as it were .. Since the question is regarding shaving your legs, is it possible for you to shave your legs prior to hopping in the shower? Lather up, de-cactus your stems, admire your handiwork. Legs done, you can then disrobe, hop in the shower and rinse off any residual shaving cream that the razor missed as well as shaving any other regions that were previously covered by your clothes.

love the out-of-box thinking! :)

if walls are close enough, u might even rest back on 1 wall and foot on opposite wall. Too slippery? Put non slip adhesive stickers on tile. They work on floor, should work on walls, too.

there are lotsa new yoga versions these days. U could do bath and car yoga.

jokes aside for 1 minute. Tho I'm not in habit of shaving me legs, so far the ( serious) suggestions have been of how to get you sitting down to get closer to your legs. But what of getting a leg up? If u had somethin at the right height to rest yer foot, then u can shave leg while standing. A handgrip secured to wall at correct height, for instance. Suction cup handgrip will let u experiment with height.

at the train station, there are people shining shoes for a living. Perhaps they would venture into a new market: shaving legs.

In solving the problem of a tiny bathroom (rather than shaving your legs), over toilet storage saved room in our tiny bathroom.

Put a plastic chair in the shower, you can either sit on it or put one leg on it to shave your legs.

Don't do this if your pregnant. The chair can slip and you will end up on your back, upside down with the water spraying you in the face.


lol #hairylegsmatter ;) that's a good idea...only problem is sometimes a single stall shower is too small and the chair gets in way. Would be nice to maybe have a fold down chair or place to put your leg that folds flat against the wall after use.

Look for "folding footrest" or "shower folding seat". They make them for showers and boat/marine use. They attach to the wall and fold up neatly. You could probably adapt some drop-desk hardware/stainless nut-bolts with those new PVC boards or teak wood to build your own. Of course, know how to properly anchor it if you got a fiberglass wall or whatever is behind the wall.

use fire to remove hair. If done quick enough, skin won't burn.

alternate between torch and shower sprayer.

Like a lumberjack... https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-shave-with-an-axe/

Simple answer - don't shave.

But, if you're desperate for the streamlined look;

Depilatory creams should be easy enough to apply in a shower stall, smooth them on, shower them off.

If it's an issue of reaching your legs in the confinement of the stall - poor balance etc - then you can just take in a small stool, or fit a fold-down seat to the wall (there are some nice examples on Amazon).

If that isn't enough, you can extend your reach - it isn't sensible to use a razor at the end of a long stick, but you could fabricate a long handle for an epilator, which would remove the hairs without risk of shredding the skin.

PS, depilatory creams always made my skin break out...such as Nare. It just seems to burn right through your skin...ouch! I've considered a small stool, fold-down seat, and/or even a bucket. Some shower stalls, however, aren't even big enough to bend down that far as your head would now hit the faucet or a shelf you have hanging for holding your shampoos etc...I guess that's where your long stick idea would come in? It'd be cool to have an automatic shaver of sorts...lol...but that might look too scary in a shower (if it was part of the shower)...hahaha! Another idea, maybe attach a guys electric razor to that long handle? lol

oh yeah! Let's use a 120v shaver in the shower! Or are ya in part of the world with 240 v

hahahah!!!!! XD Don't u like electric shock!? Maybe it would sibge off the hair permanently (everywhere!) Lol. I was thinking about having water turned off while shaving with shaving cream and electric razor. Hahahaha ;)

Ha, I didn't consider an electric razor, since I wet-shave.

I guess anything you can handle fairly accurately would work?

hahaha...thanks Kiteman! Great DIY ideas...especially the last one ;)

Maybe start working on your gymnast balance beam split routines? TMI, I thought Kiteman was going to go off on his bikini wax techniques.

I see guys shave in the locker room at the gym. Dunno if gals do too. There are private rooms for those folk too shy to shower in front of people. Maybe there's more room there than yer home shower

good idea! But every time I wanna shave I think it would be inconvenient to go to a gym always. You know most people barely make it regularly to the gym as it is lol hahaha ;) Good brainstorming though! Thanks

shave while commuting.