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DIY Mandolin Rail for Tack Piano effect? Answered

I've seen several videos in YouTube for pianos that have Mandolin Rails. These devices are felt strips attached to a metal "rail" that can be swung in and out of place to give a normal sounding upright piano a ragtime sound. They look pretty simple to make, but I have not found any webpages with instructions on how to build one. Anybody have any input? Most of the materials look like they would be readily available, except for the 88 metal tabs that go at the end of each felt tab. I found a website that sells the tabs pretty cheap http://www.player-care.com/resale.html  Here are a couple of YouTube videos that show Mandolin Rails in action:




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kenneth.cooke.948 (author)2014-08-21

The Holy Grail. A Gibson F5 Lloyd Loar, a snip at $199,000.00

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