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DIY Night Vision Goggles Answered

I am trying to make DIY Night Vision Goggles. I have the first part, infrared led into a lightbulb. I need to find a good infrared camera, two actually. The target price is $80 and under to make it about the same as this, but with two cameras.


If you don't want to use camers you can make some infrared goggles like in this instructables- https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Infrared-Goggles!-For-Under-%2410/?ALLSTEPS - and attach an infrared lightbulb so you can see.

sorry for the multiple posts, but now I see what you mean by using a lightbulb, I thought you meant a regular incandescent-type, not a halogen. As it is, you dont need the bulb housing, a piece of PC board will work fine.

I just saw the link, and that only uses one camera, mounted up top in the ring of LEDS. One side of the "cameras" is a few IR leds, the other side is just a piece of plastic. This doen't use IR leds and lightbulbs, but just plain IR leds. I suggest a LOT of IR leds for maximum brightness.

Check my instructable, Super Simple Night Vision. It explains with one camera and an IR LED array. One IR led will probably not make enough light, and you don't necesairially need 2. One will work fine for most applications.

I believe there are a few instructables on this. Have you searched?

Thinks, I wonder if those $20 digital cameras would work.

. Should work with just about any digital camera. See TUA's link.