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DIY Problem Solving Should Include Kith and Kin Answered

Doing favors for,  and asking help from your local friends, neighbors, and merchants should always  be part of significant problem solving  .
Not always the first step, not always the last step. But there is no intelligence like local intelligence.   The paint guy at Mutual Ace hardware and I know each other by name. The cashiers at Craftwood Lumber and the guys who work the lumber counter there know me as well. It's not that I do that much business. But, when they are not busy, I have run ideas past them.  Neighbors here discuss improvement  and fix up projects., I've helped people; they have helped me. I';ve helped teach this skill to my kids and they have profited by it   If you don't know someone local, the sites: meetup.com and rentafriend.com can help this. 
The skill is being lost; otherwise I wouldf not mention what used to be obvious.

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caitlinsdad (author)2012-12-12

The absolute last place where to get DIY advice is at a big box store. I know their stock and products better than the employees at the store. Yup, support your local mom and pop hardware store that has been around forever and know the business.

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Goodhart (author)caitlinsdad2012-12-12

Yes, true of the really big ones. Ace was the "only" place I could get old plumbing parts for our apt. sink, AND they were very knowledgable about how to fix the contraption......Lowes, and other big big boys are definitely NOT the way to go for advice

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