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DIY Shoulder Armor Answered

For Halloween my boyfriend wants to go as an angel and a knight a'la Romeo and Juliet. I can easily make the dress and the chainmail but I'm stumped on how to go about making the shoulder armor.

I know that this site is full of guys who are brilliant with this sort of thing and am really hoping you guys can help me by pointing me to a similiar tutorial or material I can easily lay my hands on to use as a base. Anything really.



get some metal dryer vents and stick his arms through


6 years ago

I helped a co worker make this exact costume several years ago. We used metal flashing and pop rivets but for low cost cardboard is tough to beat. You can use brass push pins/split pins for hinges- those pins that are used to hold paper together. Just seal the cardboard with Minwax Polycrylic sealer and then you can paint it silver. Hot glue velcro straps to the back side to hold it onto his arm.

For something more durable Sintra would work really well. It's a plastic that can be heated and bent to shape and then riveted together. I used it to make some of my Boba Fett armor.

just put in "knight armor" in the search box in the menu. You should see a few ibles on carboard armor and costumes. Good luck.