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DIY Tripod Carry bag Answered

Hi. Does any of you knows of a way to how to make a sturdy tripod carry bag ? I tried to look to buy one, but either it's way too expensive, too small for the tripod or it's not sturdy enough (padding and/or stitching). Any ideas, recommendations or suggestions ?

Thanks to answer


There are so many ways to make a carrying bag. You could look a arrow quiver designs, a long simple stuff sack, or copy one of the commercially available ones. How did you want it to close, with a zipper or drawstring, fold over clasp, did you need a carrying strap or handle... Padding could be anything you want from foam to fiberfill batting, use a padded mover's blanket as the base material. Learn to sew... Good luck.

Hi. Isn't there any instructions/DIY you can recommand ?

Just type in "bag" at the let's make search box on top. You may find something to make.

I use an old golf club bag cart, I cut piece of plywood for the base use bungee cord to hold the tripod in. Works OK when have to transport it a long distance out side.

Ok.. But it seems a little conspicuous, don't you think ?