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DIY VGA to Composite Cable Answered

Is it possible to make a VGA to composite conversion cable?
I know you can get them off eBay for next to nothing, but I have plenty of spares of both, so I could make one for nothing.
If it is possible, what do I solder to which pins?




10 years ago

You need more than a cable to convert normal VGA signals to composite video. The cheap cables on eBay are for video cards that already support "TV out" capability (horizontal and vertical scan frequencies and resolutions) on the VGA card. I don't know how common that is.

Ah ok. I did go back to eBay and had a closer look at those cable. They said the same as you - that it must first support the TV frequencies. But that's ok, both my laptop and my desktop have a tv out socket. Thanks

Are you talking about the little yellow "rca" jack? if so that is not tv out, if you look at the info on your motherboard for both you will see that that is actually for sound...

Erm, i was looking about, cause im dying to make this work.
I go camping quite alot, and I've built this beercrate with a radio and stuff. It's only a measly 200w, but it does the job.

Anyways, i wanted to put a computer in it, so i got a VIA iDOT PC3500G, cause its of its low power consumption. I was planning to put a portable DVD player screen, because of the small size, and running that off the board.

But the player only accepts A/V in (the composite connection), so my idea was to build an adapter.


I think that might be a possible solution for anyone out there, im gonna buy the parts, and see what it does.

Who knows..


You just need an older ATI-Based PCI video card. Many of them have S-Video out. S-video to Composite conversion is pretty simple, they sell parts that do it for <$10 at Fry's in the A/V section.

Here's a card for $10 http://www.biocomp.net/o39487.htm

Oops, didn't even notice that the card _has_ composite output.


9 years ago

I don't know if my pc has the tv-out capability, but I noticed that mac made a dvi to s-video, rca composite converter for about $19 and the vga to dvi converters are like 5 dollars, so instead of buying a pc to tv box that goes for like $40-50, can i just buy these two and have it work?

VGA uses very different signals from Composite(RCA right?) VGA uses RGB,RCA does not However,Component(the one that uses 3 cables just for video) Uses VGA too,so you could possibly do that,you just have to somehow merge the Hsync and Vsync (maybe mix it with one of the RGB signals?) Also,the ones from ebay,if they are from hong kong,they Are scams. Either scams or they send you cheapie cheapie cables that use only one thread of metal for the whole thing

Or even worse,like they did me,the cables have little threads(cloth)with a bit of metal covering it,its like a very thin layer of conductive paint.

I am also interested. How about vga to component?

how bout this, i want to hook my 360 up to a comp. monitor using either the component video cables for HD or just the yellow cord for SD, I'm not picky.