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DIY YoYo Answered

How come noone posted a DIY yoyo yet? I make them so I thought someone would've posted it by now. You can make cool mini plastics out of cheap crappy party favors from any party isle at the store, Butterfly and regular. I have to make an extra thin string for them but they sleep and fly nice. Anyone else ?


Cheap crappy party favors like what? I am going to give everyone in my family (since we're a playful family) a yoyo. All my uncles, cousins, niece, nephews, etc. I don't want them to be "crappy", but what would you suggest to give them a personal touch? Also, what should I use as the bar between the two items you spoke of? More detail pls? I may just buy some & paint "<3 me" on each one, if I get lazy, but I thought this was an awesome post.

eyeopdd i know how to make yo yos too but mine are made of wood and there is no getting any thing from the store so if i get some free time i will deffinately make an instructable for it

so how do i make it???????