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DIY airsoft grenade that isn't a wad of bb's duct taped to a firecracker? Answered

 Okay, so here's what I'm thinking; an aluminum rod with holes in the sides for the bb's, the holes are a little larger than the bb's, and have a styrofoam chunk in each of them to hold the bb's in. Then a hole the size of the CO2 canister in the middle. I haven't worked out the timing mechanism yet, or even started to, but the firing mechanism would be a spring attached to a hammer with a spike on the end of it, pull the pin, hammer hits the co2 canister, boom. Any help/suggestions here?


I love the idea on paper, but in reality, it would take forever to load.

make a small water bomb, put some BBs in it, and tight it up. 

 you could use some sort of spring and ratchet mechanism, depending on how big you want it.