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DIY effect pedals? Answered

OK, soo, i would like to start making some effect pedals, i play synth, guitar, and sing a bit, what do you recomend building for a good starter effect? i am already into electronics, i have built a couple amps, an oscillator synth and some other random electronic projects, but now i would like to try my luck on effect pedals, and i dont exactly know what effect is the one i should build first, im looking for something not too hard but a challenge that also has an awesome reward, ideas?


by far the best kits, friendliest service and most patient aftersales troubleshooting can be found here:


i know - its me :)

i've been selling my own kits on ebay for quite some time, and now i've got my own store front which i'll be working on improving very soon. new kits will appear at the rate of one or two a month from now on. stop by, say hi and commence the fuzz.

I know the feeling! There's so many schematics out there with little to no explanation and they are just worthless. Half the time, I'm not even sure if they work. I've signed up at www.diyguitarpedals.com and they seem pretty good, launching their full site soon.

Right but like what type is easiest to start building as a first.


7 years ago

Here is a great site with tons of different effects pedal schematics and designs, complete with descriptions of what they sound like.

Here's a link to a site that supplies diy effects pedal kits. All of the kits are tested and many are explained either there or in a link to the original source. The kits are reasonably priced and work. I've bought 3-4 from them and reccommend them. Some of the kits have sound files so you can see the changes they will make when finished.

There are several other sites that have sample sound files that show what the schematic does to your guitar sound.  I don't have the links to them now, my computer crashed 2 months ago and away went all my links.

A Google search turns up many sites containing collections of DIY "stomp boxes" and guitar effects.

I quickly perused some of them, and unfortunately found that many of them are just schematics only, with no descripition of what they are supposed to do or how they do it. Many of the schematics were scans of old products, again with no explanation.

However, if you took the time to sift through all the worthless stuff, you might find something reliable to start experimenting with. A simple distortion box that clips the audio might be a good one to start with, and would be a straightforward op amp circuit.

There must be forums out there for folks who are actually building their own effects, who could shed light on things not explain in the schematics you may find.