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DIY knitted iPhone gloves? Answered

I know there are some commercial products that can let you use your touch phone without removing your gloves, but most of them look really gaudy or cheap. Is there a material that I can preferably knit with that would let me use my phone without damaging it or letting precious heat escape my fingers?

These are the commercial products:



Best Answer 8 years ago

I don't have an Iphone or any Iproducts so I can't test this but I'd try some thin swade or suade leather. (don't know how to spell it) It will give you tactile feedback, would be smooth on the face of the iphone and would be nice and warm on you finger. You could get a piece from tandyleather.com or from a cheap pair of gloves.

I tried rubbing the sleeve of my suede suit jacket on the screen and it worked like a charm. I suppose I could sew on a patch of suede on the index finger and thumb of a knitted glove, thanks for the advice!

What you really need is a pair of Marine sniper's gloves.

I've read that some people have success sewing conductive thread into the tip of the fingers to make a little conductive patch that activates the screen. I haven't tried it yet myself, but I think I'll order a spool of conductive thread and try it out.

The article I read said that the thread needs to be sewn all the way to the inside, where it will touch your finger.