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DIY mechanical Iris ? Answered

Hello all,
Im going to try to make a mechanical iris out of wood and make it the lid to a box type thing, as seen here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4551, but i need a diagram or outline of what one of the shutter pieces looks like, I would like there to be only 5 shutter pieces, and i would like it if they didnt over lap each other, but any diagram of one might work, PLEASE HELP if you can. Thanks!

~captain molo

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BurfBest Answer (author)2010-10-27

That's pretty easy:
Inscribe a circle with a compass on piece of paper the size that you want it.
Measure 5 points on the circle, 120 degrees apart
Using your compass, from the center of the circle inscribe an arc through each point on the circle.
That give you the basic layout of each piece
Add a tab to each for your actuating arm to attach and a hole at the pivot point of each lens.

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Emsaid (author)Burf2010-10-27

k yeah i figured that out once i posted this, but thanks anyway!

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Burf (author)Burf2010-10-27

Whoops, brain cramp, make those points 72 degrees apart.

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kelseymh (author)Burf2010-10-27

Aw, you're just living in a spherical universe :-)

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Burf (author)kelseymh2010-10-27

Yep, one with 600 degrees in it. 8-)

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chekespeare (author)2011-03-23

the image you show will be useful
1. open it in a image viewer in your computer
2. make a zoom until you have the correct size
3. tape a sheet of thin paper over the display
(you must at this time be able to see the image over the paper sheet)
4. start drawing over the paper, not pressing too much
5. add the parts you can't see

you can also draw the entire circle with this system (just think).
or any piece you need. also you can mix divided images to get an entire piece.

Chekespeare from Monterrey, MX.

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andy (author)2010-11-04

I know that you said you only want 5 shutter pieces, but if you were to make it with six you could do away with the angle measure and use just a compass to draw your shutters.

Draw a circle. Keeping the compass at exactly the same setting, put the compass point on the circle line you just drew. Then use the compass to draw two little lines where the pencil crosses over the circle. Place the compass on one of the crosses that you have just drawn and repeat. Each cross is about 1/6th of a turn around the circle. Once you have all six crosses put the compass point on each cross and draw an arc from the centre point to the circles edge, giving you the correct arcs at 1/6th spacing without measuring a single angle.

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jtobako (author)2010-10-27

Go back to the Thingverse page, click on 'Iris box' (the work your example was derived from), scroll down to the bottom example pic and there are TWO irises there to copy.

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