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DIY mini mishwasher Answered

I got this idea of a DIY dishwasher. I couldn't find any one ever done it before, and i thought i any of you had seen/made one. So if you have links or any other knowledge, it would be interesting!


I've considered the thought before... I reckon higher pressure garden sprinklers would be good part candidates.

Year, like the the ones used in most diy pneumatic guns? i found that there are more compact electromagnetic valves used in dishwashers.

Picture of valve:

And then you only need 5 sensors,1 arduino, and a cabinet. :D

I meant for nozzles and self rotating sprays... The main trick will be making it get rid of the food chunks etc so they don't just end up stuck to the dishes... considering my family's dishwasher can barely manage that in many instances.

i think the garden sprinkler idea has merit in this. i was thinking irrigation, but those wouldn't handle soap. the old rat-a-tat style would work very well, as they seem to have large boar, and can do pretty good pressure at short range. the hard part would be the water in bit. since i'm in a dorm, and wanting to do one myself. but i don't know how to do the water feed.

+1 (although it doesn't really encourage making one)

We have one of those back home... they're simply fantastic... set one drawer going while filling the other (you can pause as well, handy)... actually being a Kiwi most of our whiteware is F&P


7 years ago

Thought this would be coo also.

Currently live in a small apartment with a tiny galley kitchen. I would love to have a small dishwasher.

Thought a machine that fits over / on top of my sink would be a cool start. Sort of a lid, maybe toggles down, with a sprayer and heating element inside. Put a rack in the sink to hold dishes. Split the drain to recirculate while washing....

Would be a fun project.

. My DIY dishwasher is a sinkful of sudsy water and a Scotch-Brite pad. :)