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DIY project posting sites Answered

I am kindof annoyed by some of the things that have happened recently (comments that were deleted in a certain thread that is ultimately being blocked, for instance)
no name-calling or negativeness so far...
I would love to find a website where I can display my projects to the maker community, variety is the spice of life, right?
Nothing malicious yet, very good...
I know theres MAKE, and I know Hack-A-day does some project hosting, but I would love to find another site as awesome as Instructables with wonderfully arranged project writeups, publishing, and hosting that has a comparably large community.
Oh hey, compliments!
Can anyone help me?

P.S. I apologize to anyone ive upset, I don't mean to hurt feelings.



4 years ago

This post is 2 years old now and a lot has happened between then and now. Before I write a new post, I thought I'd ask for updates here if anyone knows about any new sites like this one.

I love this site but I am curious to see projects that might not be posted here.

Thingiverse. It is a great website and it isnt only for 3d printing objects. I have most of my projects on there right now! But you cant really do step by step.

I'd say start a blog/your own website too. My site started as a blog, then it I made it into a website. It gets a fair amount of visitors, after approx 2 years.

But for something like instructables, I don't think there are any sites that match the community and projects here.

Why not start a blog?

That way you have complete control over your content, can use it how you like and people can read what you have to say without adverts and clicking through hoops if you wish.

There's no way you'll get as much traffic as if your projects were on Instructables, since the SEO and layout help they provide is fantastic but there are pros and cons to both.

You could start with a free wordpress/blogger blog then move it to your own hosting later if you enjoyed writing it.

I don't know of any that's as well formatted and easy to use as Instructables, so my advice would be to take a break from the site for a bit.

Outside of that, or maybe as a side project, you could consider starting a blog of your projects/ideas/life.  Many members here have blogs with their projects and other stuff, and it's pretty easy to get blogs linked to other blogs and start building the connections.  For instance, I have a gardening blog, and I'm a member of Blotanical (a community for garden bloggers).  I've come across many other garden blogs, so I can link up with people who are doing the specific things I'm interested in.  You can also submit specific posts to places like hack-a-day.