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DIY water jet engine? Answered

Hello. Me and couple of my local DIY buddies are also big fans of fishing. Because we are all students and can't drop 1K+ on normal outboard motor for our tiny aluminum boat, we are thinking on making our own.

What we have here is a 200cc lawnmower engine. Because we don't wanna get into business of making our own gears we are looking for ways to implement water jet system. The problem is we just can't figure out what is gonna do a good job of being our turbine. Any suggestions? Does anyone know if the intake half of automotive turbocharger is gonna for pumping water?


you could technically find an old, scrapped jet ski and yank out it's drive (a shaft attached to a turbine and intake. That should be easy to connect to.

I'd suggest you rig the engine to the pump, output to a tank & time it. What will it shift in 5 min.


.  A turbocharger will probably work, but I seriously doubt if it will be very efficient as it was designed to pump air while turning tens of thousands of RPM - not water at a few thousand RPM. And transferring power from your engine to the turbo is probably going to be difficult; it's made to be driven by compressed air. But I'm no engineer.
.  The first thing I would investigate is using the pump from a wrecked PWC.

No chance, unless you can spin it very, very quickly. I'd go electric rather than muck around with a gas engine.