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DIffusing LED with water and chemicals? Answered

I've been thinking about the best way to diffuse LED lighting over a large space, something like a wall. Standard way of doing it would be to lightly sandpaper acrylic glass and backlight it, or edgelight.

I have been thinking about filling the space between two sheets of acrylic glass with water to diffuse the light but that would need some additives, so on to the question.

Q: Is there any chemical that one could mix with water to make the solution more diffuse/milky that helps the transmission of light in the fluid and also helps the diffusion?

Since a fluid being backlit would change in temperature there might be some cool things one could do with that, a light panel that changes visual properties over time?


Household bleach works well and has been used in bottles to add light to homes during the day :


Thanks for the replies and regarding fresnel lens what I would need is fresnel sheet plastic, I've seen it but they are pretty small and used for reading aids. I'll definitely keep it in mind, would be great to coat the inside of some acrylic and then backlight it.

Mineral oil with lithium grease sounds interesting, found that IKEA has the best price on mineral oil. I'll have to do some R&D on that one. Perhaps I could add something that's ever so slightly self glowing to give it a small effect when turned off.

Funny thing, can't post from Chrome, Safari works though.

A fresnel lens could be the missing bit of the puzzle, use it to widen the beam on to your diffusing material...

A funny thing happens with water it goes stagnant.
Use mineral oil and white lithium grease if you want it smokey.
Pure mineral oil and sparkles if you want to snow globe it.

You should experiment with various products around the house like laundry detergent or liquid soap straight out of the bottle. I think shampoos and hair care products like gels would fit the bill. You might want to suspend stuff in mineral oil like glitter or put food coloring in the water/alcohol to make lava lamps. I would go with nontoxic and non explosive liquid mixes first. Good luck.