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I have been away on holiday ( Pacific US coast ) for 10 days and now back at my machine with no urge to text with questions.
It feels strange to be so emotionally disjointed about this site...
Maybe the questions are not stimulating today or the great London event pulls at me.
Yahoo compares Love to a brain on drugs why not Instructables...
Or is it just a bunch of duct-tape..



Best Answer 5 years ago

I don'no. I just need 3 more then I'm gonna quit. I can quit any time I want. I really can.


5 years ago

So, you went on a ten day trip and did not take a notebook computer so you could check the instructables site several times a day? I would rate that as a mild addiction.

I take my notebook.

You know you're really addicted when you email someone and they're on a ledge climbing... (I had that happen the other day). o_0

HaHa... when I used to work at a climbing wall (my first job when I was a teenager) I used to secure myself at the top in a swing and send emails, read a magazine, etc... (everything was tethered of course!) ;)

Haha... Nothing against those that do that, but I couldn't imagine climbing up a rock face and getting distracted by a ringing phone or getting alerting to an email. What threw me off was getting the email back "I'm climbing right now... I'll email you when I get home"... o_0

Ahh... just tether in and you'll be fine. ;)

lol... I was the one emailing. (Although climbing would have been fun, but I don't think I would have been checking emails on a cliff). :P

There is good reception when suspended high on the airy peak peaks :-)

Ever so cool  to cliff blog ..

Did bring my iPad3 but every day was spectacularly beautiful, pleasant
and loaded with activities ( like Jet boating up the Rogue ) followed by
imbibing adult beverages after dark.

Tired in the last days the local wifi died read a book instead.

But did start an ible about collecting and separating iron from the sand.
See the pic..


Is it Salmon Season yet?

My folks love fishing the Rogue every year. I prefer Mexican waters ;-)

Salmon Season began July 1 on / in the Rogue river.

I used to do that as a kid. I used a magnet. What I always wondered about was how all those iron filings got in the sand to start with.

I wonder too..  The sand is 35-40% iron..
Twenty years ago the southern end of this beach was 60% iron.
The filings could come by wave action grinding metal off shore from :
  1. Iron ships that sunk nearby.
  2. The subduction zone offshore.
  3. Natural ore deposit
  4. An affect of the nearby OR Vortex
What think you ?

When I first played with it was in Colorado, in fact at that time the outskirts of Colorado Springs where my dad had just built our house. (Now it is in middle of the city) The lot was still mostly dirt in the back as we had only planted grass in the front. I noticed that when the water cut little trenches through the sand it left a black sediment in places. Being a curious kid I tried to figure out what it was and when I put a magnet to it it jumped to it and stuck. I found that by running the magnet through the sand I could pick up a lot more of it. Eventually I filled a jar about half way. I used the filings to show how the fields of magnets worked. You could put a piece of paper over the magnet and then sprinkle the filings on the paper and they would show the fields. (Probably something still done in classrooms today). Anyway, I have no idea how it got there, The area was pristine prairie for the most part that the city was expanding into. I found later that wherever I tried it I came up with something stuck on the magnet. I assumed it was part of the dirt in that part of the country. So, it must be from natural deposits of some kind. It was pretty wide spread from what my little investigation discovered.

As is every sand lake is here in Nevada including my property.

There is another explanation for iron distribution. 
Our planet is continually inundated by micro-meteors most of which
are iron raining down on us from space..

I once serviced a building top water cooling tower and learned that
the filters are meteor dust collectors.

I work from home, so for me, its a nice break from whatever I'm doing. I'll be really focused on something and then I get stuck, so I'll use the forums or the Q & A to help someone else, and more times than not, as I'm typing the answer, I figure out the answer to my own dilemma, so it's win-win.

The only time I think I'm more focused on getting more best answers is when I'm close to a milestone. When I get that milestone, I tend to back off a little as the climb to the next milestone is a long one, so there's no hurry.

.. / -- .- -.. . / .. - / .--. .- ... - / ..--- ----- ----- /

.-- .... . .-. . / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / .- - ?


-.-. --- -. --. .-. .- - ..- .-.. .- - .. --- -. ...  :-)

..--- ...-- ...--

-.-. --- -. --. .-. .- - ... !!!

.-. . .- -.. -.-- / ..-. --- .-. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / ..-. --- .-. ..- -- / - --- .--. .. -.-. ???

Thanks much but still too heavy :-/

lol... I don't care if it's addictive or not. ;-)

I'm just grateful to have a reliable, go-to group of educated, experienced and helpful people to query.

Whoever developed the Question Forum was/is a psychological genius.

I'd also like to say that the photograph is beautiful.

Pictures like that remind me of why I get a little baja blue every Summer. ;-)

Thank you :-)

That was my first morning at a very low tide on Gold Beach full of iron sand..

You're welcome, A.

How did you manage to have that beautiful, pristine beach all to yourself?

Did you find any Tsunami treasures?

Inquiring minds would like to know. ;-)

No such luck even though I had a pocket Geiger counter along :-(

Week days early morning, sometime two or three people would show
there was a strong steady wind.

Look carefully the stone sand supports are eaten away and the wind places sand around others at the same time mere feet away ! ! !

Stones Up.jpgstones down.jpg

I see they have started issuing some in a cube now! Much more convenient!


There is an actual real drug named Soma. It is a muscle relaxant. It produces what I call the wet noodle effect. It is not good to use while playing video games or while attempting to recreate the moves of an Olympic gymnast who you suspect of doing things that are really not that hard, by your observation.


5 years ago

I dunno, but for me it is just a way to pass the time when I am bored and sometimes, I learn something new and/or remember things I had long forgotten.

I am the same, if something of interest to me happens to be in my rss feed when i have nothing better to do, i will go and see what it is about (the rss feed i get mixes all posts everywhere it seems - often i dont know if its a Question or a Instructable before i get here)

it is not so much a drug (with the physical and/or psychological dependency) as its a piece of candy in the candyjar that i will go for occasionally - others might however get a psychological need for answering questions to some degree (in other words, they might be digging into the candyjar a bit too often :)