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Lots of good ebooks available but I can't download any. No instructions given. I have ADOBE DIGITALwhich has a butten to download NEW but I don't have a file name .
the first one I want is COPY CAT CANDY but there's no way  to click on that file name.
also, you can drag and drop, but again nothing to ckick on to drag.
If anyone knows how to download these ebooks to computer (not an ereader) please help.
P.S. I've downloaded booksfrom my public library. No problem.
Thanks, Mara


If you're just downloading ebooks from here, you might try getting the PDF's instead of ebooks. Both options are available for every ebook, and both options contain the exact same information. If you don't want to download new software, and already have Acrobat or something similar on your computer, it might be easier.

That's what I tried to do. I have Acrobat 8 and Adobe reader, but when I clicked on the pdf link or adobe, all I got was an invitation to download the Reader. I've spent hours trying to make this work. (I download ebooks from other sources.) I prefer not to add more software.

If you wouldn't mind following a couple of steps for me, and then letting me know what happens, I think it might help me figure out what's going on.
  1. Go to this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Munny-Speakers/
  2. Click the PDF icon that falls between the all steps and step one in the list of steps. Should take you to this link.
  3. From there, right-click "Munny-Speakers.pdf" and select "Save As" (or something similar you're operating system might use.
  4. Save the file anywhere on your computer you'll be able to find it.
  5. Open the Finder/File Browser/Explorer on your computer and find the file on your hard drive.
  6. Right click the file, and tell it to open with - and then select Acrobat Reader.

Please let me know where in these steps the PDF fails on you, and what happens. If I know what, I might be able to help you figure out how to fix the problem.

Thank you! I'll try that . Too bad Instructables doesn't include more HELP on this. The ebooks look awesome, but what good are they if you can't download them? (I don't have an ereader.) Mara

calibre is a popular free ereader. just search and download the program to install on the pc.

Thank you, too. I saw Calibre but didn't know what it was. That seems like a simple solution -- and the price is right! Mara

you have to get to this page when https://www.instructables.com/id/Copycat-Candy-Recipes/?download=ebook .  From there choose epub or pdf to download to your computer.  I think there may have been bugs before where the buttons were not showing up for certain browsers.  It works for me in Chrome.  IE has been a repeat offender and Firefox may work.  Safari is tempermental.  I think you may need to go to the instructable or guide that has your ebook and download it from there instead of trying to import it by using an ereader interface.  Good luck.