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DS Lite - Both Screens light up, but no other prompts, some minimal lines across them? Answered

I have a nintendo DS lite it powers on and both screens have light, but nothing shows up on them initially.  Within seconds lines appear across the screen...black on top, colored on the bottom.  The light turns from red to green.  I do not know if I need to replace the screens or if it's another issue.  I have replaced screens before in two other DS lites...I just don't want to invest if that's not the issue. Thanks for any help.

I have removed and re-inserted the battery. Pictures attached.


I don't see any pictures.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong...I tried to upload photos...the computer was working for over 15 minutes and nothing.  We have highspeed...so I don't know what is wrong...they're only approx.  500x500px.   =(

Try uploading to an offsite photo hosting site like Photobucket and then just post a link to the image.