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DTV Don't be fooled! Answered

Just an announcement. I believe that, as an instructables member, I have the duty to share this info. Some people may, and probably, already know this. CABLE/SATELLITE subscribers will NOT BE EFFECTED. There are a lot of news and ads going around scaring people that their TVs will go black on midnight Feb 17, 2009 if they do buy DTV tuners. I am just worry that a lot of people are gonna be cheated b/c they are not explicitly saying (or warning) that this will not effect cable/satellite subscribers, only those that use local public broadcasts (antennas). OK. Now spread the news! *If this announcement has help you please BUMP this topic (since others may still be fooled)



True, but if, like me, you have a small analog tv in another room that is not hooked up to cable, one would need the box for that.


10 years ago

Found a whole class that was still fool so I am bumping this. (I finally saw a commercial that state that cable and satellite subscribers do not need a converter, hopefully it will keep on running).

What was the point of the switch anyways? Most people with digital tvs have cable. Its just another scam. After the switch I'll ditch the tv and just use Miro on my computer.

What was the point of the switch anyways?

--Better signal quality (allegedly)
--Broadcasters don't have to spend the extra $$$ supporting two standards (digital and analog)
--Planed obsolescence
--The Feds can sell / tax all those RF bands no longer used by TV...

I read that companies are giving out $40 coupon's to those with the older televisions.