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DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Five Answered

As of late, I have been modding Bijou, my magical rifle, and making Short Deluxe Extended Playtime Albums for certain characters.  

(You can see the four original Homestuck Kids' soundtracks here.  Don't fret, you don't have to be a fan of Homestuck to enjoy the albums; in my opinion, it's good music, and as the albums are based on a certain character, they are based on a theme to some extent.)

(There is going to be soundtracks for the ponies from My Little Pony; Dr. Richtofen and I have been collaborating on what songs to pick.)

In addition to those two things, I have been working on a new pistol, that I'm going to call Insight.  It is a super compact pistol that is different from all others because of one thing: it has a tubular magazine.  To my knowledge, it's the most compact tubular magazine gun to date.  The pictures show the gun and how to load it.

Insight also:
Shoots green rods. (A downside for some, but a pro for others).

Uses a red rod sized firing pin.

Has a comfortable handle.

Can hold up to five bullets at a time.

Gets about 25 feet as of now.  (This is just the pre-beta version, so I will keep modding it until it goes farther)

Requires no cut pieces. (Nor do any of my posted guns, come to think of it.)

And... Yes, the gun has a theme song: Insight by Joy Division.

That's pretty much it.

DarkOwl Out... 
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"pre-beta" You mean alpha? =P
I like this. Just for the sake of it anyway. The aesthetics are a little eh, but the concept is cool. Just for the heck of it, why not make it full sized? Try a grey rod version with longer handle and more ammo.

By pre-beta, I mean it is beyond the alpha stage but is not at the beta stage. Trust me, it's a lot more aesthetically pleasing once you put actual full looped bands on it. I'll try and get a picture, but no promises. :P

And making it full sized kind of kills the point of building this, but I guess I could sometime.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next, just so you know. :3

Eh, the design of the gun itself, not just the bands, make it iffy for me.
Well, not entirely. We only have so many (if even any more than one?) horizontal pistol weapons. I made one a long time ago and I don't remember seeing any more. Yours would probably be more compact than mine.
My next project will probably be a short turret weapon. It sounds easy enough so I'm hoping it'd be something I finish the night I work on it. Saturday if I'm lucky.

Oh, ok. Is there a way I could improve. >:? It'd be great to get suggestions from you, as you're the creator of the concept.

I built it so it'd be compact.  That, to me, was the point of building it, but I can see why you want it to be bigger.

That Turret thing sounds great; it'll be cool to see original work from you.

can't really say I'm the creator, just the first as far as I remember to do it. I guess the handle seems messy to me and the handle connection is meh because it looks big where as the rest of the barrel looks good. And then I dislike the green connectors sticking out of the back of the guns. I know it has a purpose but it kills the design to me. That's just me being picky. But I suppose you do a great job at cleaning up your designs.

Yeah, understandable. In that regard, I'd like to see you come up with a folding gun design. I tried to make one with a horizontal magazine once before and it was yucky looking. It'd be interesting to see how you'd do one.

Yeah, it'll be great to finally get something new out.

I don't know what you're talking about with the handle connection. :I I can see where there'd be room for improvement, but I don't see what you're telling me to do, exactly. Also, the green rods sticking out the back is only for loading, and there's simply no way around it. :I

It'll be cool to see new stuff from you. :D

The concept is VERY nice :D a cool little pistol with horizontal mag. not a lot of good horizontal mags here. this is pretty good for an alpha state gun.

Thanks! I have instructions up, and I see that you've found them. Be warned, though, the mag can be a bit glitchy at times. It usually works just fine, though, and it works at its best when all the rubber bands are at the right tension.

Wow that's actually a really sweet idea. I like it. But why do you tie your rubber bands? Why not just use them without cutting them?

Thanks! And about the rubber bands, I didn't cut them. They snapped and I'm reusing them. I've kind of run out of whole loop bands, unfortunately. :I

How do you run out of rubber bands?! I'm still using my original bad of #64 rubber bands that I got when I first started building knex guns and needed a lot for I_am_canadian's heavy cannon V2. And that alone used a lot. But I still have 1/4 bag left from 5 years ago, haha. And I always put on fresh bands on my guns, and they break fairly routinely. It was just some medium sized bad from staples. Best $8 or whatever investment ever.

I had a bag of #64's but they're all gone now, unfortunately. I don't what to say, they just snapped a lot. :I

I have a bucket full of dead rubber bands that I tie together for my guns. Something tells me that people could get a lot better (double even) the ranges of some of the things I make if they used better bands.

(Build the gun!  Build the gun! :3)

(But that costs money.)

Yeah, I'm just kidding; I'll get hold of some new rubber bands one way or another.