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Darth Vader Vs. Wolverine Answered

Who wold win?
Ready... FIGHT!


darth vader hands stinking down. not only will his lightsaber effortlessly slice thru wolverines claws (as well as the rest of him), but vader could also simply kill wolfie with the Force

You make a good argument with the Force but I'm not sure if a lightsaber can cut through adamantium (if I spelled it right) so easy. The metal is said to be indestructible.

ok i'll give u that one. but indestructible bones arent going to help you if your windpipe is being closed off with the Force.

Wolverine, just because

Due to wolverines popularity you can always expect this kind of answer.

Vader. I can't see some guy with claws defeating someone with a supernatural force that allows him to basically control the dynamics of everything in the fight. I don't think the claws would do much against the "force choke". Or vader hurling huge objects at him effortlessly with just a thought.

The bookies aren't taking bets, but I'll agree.