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Database file appears corrupt. What to do? Answered

There are some apps which use VFP 9.0. I needed to make some changes in the database file, but I was unable due to error. It says: "Database file appears corrupt: Page XXXX is of wrong type". I have no backup therefore I can`t retrieve the file back. How can I fix this error? Any tipps?

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KezefaBest Answer (author)2015-02-06

What kind of data do you
have in your file? If there are only a tables, then you can try to delete all
the .dbc .dct .dcx files. After this recreate the database and links to the
tables (if any).

Have you used google to
find any tool? Try professional
program, for example Recovery Toolbox for DBF https://dbf.recoverytoolbox.com/Use the trial version
and decide how useful is it in this case.

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seandogue (author)2015-02-03

a quick google search found this


I didn't link it because the last time I tried, it was lost and I couldn't find it again when the OP responded that the link was broken.

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