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Deadly Poisons Are Being Pumped Into Our Homes! Answered

After a conversation with ll.13, I have come to the shocking realization that many people don't know about the deadly poison that is pumped into our water supply. It's called DiHydrogen Monoxide, and it is very dangerous. Look at some of the dangers associated with DHMO.

  • Death due to accidental inhalation of DHMO, even in small quantities.
  • Prolonged exposure to solid DHMO causes severe tissue damage.
  • Excessive ingestion produces a number of unpleasant though not typically life-threatening side-effects.
  • DHMO is a major component of acid rain.
  • Gaseous DHMO can cause severe burns.
  • Contributes to soil erosion.
  • Leads to corrosion and oxidation of many metals.
  • Contamination of electrical systems often causes short-circuits.
  • Exposure decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes.
  • Found in biopsies of pre-cancerous tumors and lesions.
  • Given to vicious dogs involved in recent deadly attacks.
  • Often associated with killer cyclones in the U.S. Midwest and elsewhere, and in hurricanes including deadly storms in Florida, New Orleans and other areas of the southeastern U.S.
  • Thermal variations in DHMO are a suspected contributor to the El Nino weather effect.

The scariest part is that most people don't even know what it is! One poor sap actually ingested it, AND instructed others to do so in his instructable here.

You can find out more about this deadly compound at DHMO.org.

Be aware and stay alive!


Holy crap you're right. I even commented on it. Wow my memory is short. Haha.

Do you think this stuf will clean up with soap and water?

oh no! what can we do to protect ourselves from this! We must stay away from this... lol my science teacher didn't fool anyone with this thing

DHMO has floride in it! a toxic waste produced by the aluminum industry. It is proven to lower IQ by an aveage of 8 points

This is real! DHMO is essential to my life. fluoride is not!

I know. But it's supposed to help your teeth. Anything for beauty, right?

. Lions and tiger and bears. Oh my!