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Deadmau5 head with plastic / wood / fiberglass ears? Do I need to mold them using body filler and glass fiber? Answered

I'm going to use deadmau5's cheese head as it is visibly the best for an example. The ears are made of a hardened material with a gloss finish. The holes through them seem to clearly show that they are not foam underneath. I was curious as to how I could achieve the same effect and strength. I've seem some exquisite models of helmets here and in particular individuals who have created the daft punk helmets. They created molds.

I've never used fiberglass / body filler / etc but I'm a rapid learner and I'm willing to suffer trial and error like anyone else. I was curious though, if it is possible to take the styrofoam ear and then coat the ear with bondo (or another body filler/putty) to create that hardened mold and then primer, paint and gloss it. Can someone with experience with these materials shed some light. I really want to achieve this look!

Here is a video of the cheese head when it was unveiled:

Thanks in advance guys. I can be contacted via email at "sip_deco_c@hotmail.com" if required. Help would be greatly appreciated!



Why not make this with paper mache? It's easy to work with. It's lightweight. You can sand it smooth. You only need newsprint and a paper mache recipe. A form can easily be made with a balloon and other round objects. Then just finish it with a high gloss paint. ;)

Tbh, I don't want to really. If I have to, I will. i have the acrylic ball needed anyway so its really just the ears. I have been reading a lot the last day or so about the use of epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth, then bondo body filler, sanding, primer and the high gloss. Still need to figure out how to do it efficiently. Appreciate the advice though thanks!

In that case, just purchase the fiberglass cloth and resin, and maybe use a styrofoam mold for the ear shapes. I restored a boat with the same materials, and it was pretty easy to do. Granted they are different things, but the process isn't much different. Just make sure you work as smoothly as possible to avoid too much sanding and touchups afterwards. The biggest challenge is attaching the ears to the acrylic if your intention is to use it not just as a mold.

Awesome thanks for the advice. Thinking that using the styrofoam ears as a mold will work. Epoxy apparently doesn't eat the foam either so should work well. I was thinking of glassing the acrylic globe too but not sure if I should.

You might have to coat the acrylic with at least a thin layer. It'll definitely help in attaching the ears and will likely help in creating a more durable paint surface in the end. I'm not sure how well the paint would stay on the acrylic without prior sanding or some kind of primer, as it may just scratch easily.