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Decline in quality instructables Answered

Am I the only one who thinks the site has had a SIGNIFICANT drop in quality since people were allowed to post just pictures of a completed project as an instructable?
Isnt that kind of against what the website is all about?
I'm getting sick to death of one or two photo posts with no description of the making process and just a generic "hurrdurr I made this" description.


I can't help but agree with you.
I have done one as have many others for the I made it contest but at least that has some explanation as to what I made and why.
Some recent posts don’t have any text at all just two or three pictures & I have to ask myself "how is this an 'ible?"
Whilst I accept that a good deal can be learned from photo 'ibles & I have seen quite a few that I thought were excellent I fail to see the value in an 'ible that contains no explanation or instruction at all.
I don't wish to detract from the imagination, skills or ingenuity of those who post them but I would like to see some instructionsin their instructables.

I think some photo-instructables are essentially trying to get folks to link off site.

Maybe, to me, Photo Instructables are made to just share what you made or to give a preview for one with instructions. Some Photo Instructables are really good, but I agree with you with people just placing up simple stuff with little or no info. There should be at least a back story.

Besides, the majority of featured and popular Instructables are much lower than the recent Instructables. That's why there's a team that searches for any good ones.

I agree. Even though I am guilty of posting a photo instructables with relatively little info !

I suppose instructables has to pay it's costs, though. I think they have promoted photo instructables as a way to get more members to submit more "articles". More members makes it easier to get sponsors and specific advertising.

This is really just our way of making it easier to share what you make, which is what we're all about. We all have projects that we didn't document for whatever reason, but that shouldn't stop anyone from being able to share their projects.

I for one would never try to stop anyone from sharing their projects.
However I do feel that to adequately do this you need to post more than a title & a couple of pictures, as Inverted_Spectrum says above they at least need some kind of back story or to tell the truth they are pretty much pointless.
Part of the point of 'ibles is to enable others to emulate your projects which would be pretty difficult to do for some people if there is absolutely no information given at all.

I think a better curation method than ratings is needed. I don't mind the slideshows ;-)

But some derptastic stuff gets posted.

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