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Decorating with Photography... Answered

Found this company, Juicywalls, online. They make custom designed wallpaper and canvas prints of really high quality (and pretty cheap, for the type of product). You can determine the precise size of the prints or measurements for wallpaper, which is great, but the really cool aspect is that you can upload your own photography for these products. It's high quality digital printing, so the image is super clear and sharp. They also offer an option for photographers to sell their work from their own site, with an application called the Walldesigner. You integrate the code into your website, and sell your photography, and Juicywalls makes the product, deals with all the customers, and handles the payment and shipping. Seems like a really cool way to either get your photography out there, or just do some cool, personalized decorating! The website is http://www.juicywalls.com


Hey thanks for the info on this site! Thinking of redoing a couple of rooms in my house with their wallpaper now, using some of my own photos. Black and white photography (flowers) in a bathroom seem too drastic?

Not spam... Thanks. Thought the concept was cool, and wanted to share.

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