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Definition of semi-auto when it comes to K'nex? Answered

What is it?

I think we can narrow it down to 2 options:

1. A gun that shoots every time you pull the trigger. Preloading for each shot (bullets or other methods):

  • Put pieces in the gun.
  • Pull something back for each shot.
  • Pull trigger.

2. A gun that shoots every time you pull the trigger. Without any other preparation:

  • Put pieces in the gun.
  • Pull trigger.

In my opinion, #1 Is the real life equivalent to gluing several old fashioned muskets together. It's true that you get a shot for each trigger you pull, but that's after loading every musket. (best to just carry the guns separately).

#2 is closer to the real life definition. In a semi-auto pistol you don't pull the slide back 7 times to get 7 shots. So I'm going with #2 as the correct definition.


1 = bolt-action. 2 = semi-auto. got it?

It's pump action


9 years ago


It isn't. That's semi-auto with a very long trigger pull.

maybe... but to me its like a knex gun without a trigger where you pull the bolt back and release. (also to fire the thing you gotta push it forward i believe from what i remember of playing with my neighbors) that to me says non semi auto

It shoots when you pull it back. And just like a trigger, it needs to go forward again so it can be pulled back again.

i still think its bolt action cause then we could make trigger less shotguns and say they are semi auto.

What the hell do shotguns have to do with this? If you mean pump-action, then remember that pump-action is not a shotgun. And what you describe would be semi-auto if the gun shot when you pulled the pump all the way back. The pump would be the trigger.

=\ i know not all shotguns r pump (or all pumps are shotguns) i guess your right, but id rather be pump action then a semiauto with a long "Trigger" pull

A semi-automatic, or self-loading firearm is a gun that after being fired, ejects the empty round that has been fired, loads a new cartridge, and cocks itself. This mechanism is different from a single-action revolver, a pump-action firearm, a bolt-action firearm, or a lever-action firearm; all of which require the shooter to cock the weapon manually before each shot and eject each empty round afterwards. For example, to fire ten rounds in a semi-automatic firearm, the trigger would need to be pulled ten times (once for each round fired) without cocking the weapon manually in between shots. - wikipedia! The problem is though, as previously stated, there is little recoil to allow the gun to re-cock itself. Though if the pulling on the trigger can cock, then release the firing pin all in one move, that is generally considered semi-auto in the world of knex guns.... or thats what I think anyway!!!

Yes you're right about the musket that you have to load it every time. Although a musket is not semi auto.

I think in K'nex a semi-auto should be one which you pull the trigger to fire a shot not one which you pull something back and then pull the trigger. It would better describe K'nex guns. The ones which fall in situation 1 should be called double action guns.

You've defined it well.
The trouble with doing this is an energy source to load the next projectile. Firearms use recoil energy to eject and reload, K'NEX weapons to not recoil much (at the moment).
Things that don't quite fit the definition, but are close:
Motor-driven feed.
Spring- / elastic- loaded magazine.

I'll offer a twenty-pound note to anyone who can make a semi' where the next projectile is loaded with energy from previous.


explain your challenge more

No motors, no gravity-loads, no spring / elasic loads: the first shot you fire uses part of it's energy to load the next, and so on. L

thats impossible coz even advanced semi automatics use either spring or gravity for the cartridge or at least some form of kinetic energy

you mean imposible for knex guns because they do not have enought kinetic energy like a real gun or even paintball or airsoft gun to do that a real gun either uses 2 basic principles to reload theres either a gravity or spring feed or magazine into the gun. then a shot is taken after that either the recoil of the shot (or in this case the kenetic energy) reloads so you can shoot again another one is you shoot a bullet then there always expanding gas in the barrel and a tube colects some of the expanding gas and uses the presure the reload the gun simple idea crazy ahrd to make

Yes, hard to do indeed, not enough recoil. If it were possible to take K'NEX machine-gun ammunition and incorporate a second rubber-band to eject and reload maybe? That is one part is fired forwards (your rod bullet), and the other part is fired backwards. The initial firing mechanism would have to trip the eject 'n' load mechanism. L (I have no K'NEX to try this)

It is impossible to do this because the rearward force would always be less than the inital force used to fire the bullet.

What do you mean by two elastic bands?

One band fires the shot, a second band powers the eject & load mechanism(s). Having a gun that spat out 'shells' as it fired would be nice(?) L

Yeah I do agree with that, in that case they are just extra weight. Mine are ejected and reloaded. But I do have a problem with them pivoting upwards as the firing pin hits them causing the gun to shoot itself!

No, and they don't fire real bullets or go 'bang' either... (It's just an idea) L

What about using the power created from pulling the trigger? Like on a revolver.

Revolvers aren't semi-automatic. L

there are some semi auto revpvers that are more modern, the recoil of the gun pushes the hammer back, and in turn turns the cylander, also i do beleve that guns (or maybe only some) have springs it its mag to nomatter how many buttlets the next one is always at the top, but if u elimnate the thing about gravity and recoil or anything, then we do have semis...SO PAY UP! joking...

It is a good animation, but as the article says "You have to pull the trigger for every shot" (rotating the barrel as you do so to load the next shot) - it's not a semi-auto. L

... You're terribly wrong lol. Semi-auto is pull the trigger for each shot. Pulling the trigger rotates the cylinder and pulls the hammer back. So all that's needed is pulling the trigger.

No, I'm not wrong. Auto means that you can hold your finger on the trigger and it keeps on firing until it's out of ammunition. Semi-auto requires a trigger-press for each shot, but only for firing, not loading. Rotating the barrel (with a finger-action on the trigger) to load the next shot is a manual load, not an automatic load.


So... Your definition of semi-auto is pull the trigger and it reloads itself AFTER the shot? What difference does it make if it is reloaded during or after the trigger pull?

If your finger is doing the reload it's not automatic. L

impossible, we would have to create energy essientally from nothing.

that's because it's KNEX!!! it's a kids toy. you can't do it without a motor or some other kind of energy. KNEX WEREN'T MADE TO BE MADE INTO GUNS!!!

You have to remember that this is knex were talking about. According to your definition, it is impossible to make a semi-auto out of knex.

Essentially yes. But maybe not quite impossible?


dude double action revolvers arnt semi automatic dude and lemonie try explaining why next time

Technically you and lemonie are correct. Though I find that to be a problem with the definition of semi-auto. If a gun fits "A semi-automatic firearm is a gun that requires only a trigger pull for each round that is fired" (from wikipedia), it should be considered one.

BUT, after some recent reading, I have learned of a term for a gun that used the trigger pull as the energy to fire a shot.

"Some modern semi-automatic pistols are double action only (DAO); that is, once a round is chambered, each trigger pull will arm the hammer, striker, or firing pin, and will additionally release the same to fire a cartridge in one continuous motion." - Wikipedia

Here is an example gun: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kel-Tec_P-32