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Deleted messages? Answered

How come when I delete a message (for instance, just to clean up my orangeboard area) it doesn't actually delete the comment- instead it just hides the comment behind something that says it's been deleted, but it's still there cluttering up my orangeboard?

This also seems to happen in the instructables themselves. If I make an error in a comment, delete it and then re-write it correctly - there I am with my message, and another one below it saying it's been deleted or removed etc.

Why don't these things just go away when we delete them?



4 years ago

As I understand your orange void is there forever now :-(
I can suggest three ways to go in increasing difficultly and hazzard.
  1. Leave it be. We all have had the same experience once or twice.
  2. Start a bunch of conversations on your orange and push down the offending text so  it is not immediately first see when some one checks out your page.   You may get more void errors !!.
  3. Ask a Community Support person like Nicole Smith => PM Penolopy Bulnick to go and edit the statement out for you.  I did something like that ONCE and in addition to the desired action lost long portions of three drafts and several ibles had all but the first step deleted Goon !!!

Take care what you ask for !

Thanks for the direction and warnings. They are both well received.

so how do we clean up the improperly deleted threads?

Thanks iceng for pointing out that instructable by the way.
I just want to know what to do now about the empty remnants.

It depends upon what has happened in the mean time. If I delete a comment immediately after creating it (and after reloading the page), then it disappears completely.

If someone (including yourself) has replied to the comment, then the empty box will be left as a placeholder for the thread, with a note showing that the content was deleted. Otherwise, the thread structure would get messed up.

yes, but if I delete both the reply and the "holder" they both remain.

Typically the order makes a big difference.

If you look at my Orangeboard, you'll see a "(deleted by author)" comment. I created a comment, then a reply. I deleted the top comment first, which left the "(deleted by author)" placeholder along with the reply tied to it. Then I deleted the reply, which disappeared completely (since it had no comments below it).

In a second test, I again created a top-level comment plus a reply. This time, I deleted the reply first. It disappeared completely. Then I deleted the top-level comment, and the latter also disappeared completely.

So basically, if you want to get rid of a thread without placeholders, you have to delete from the "inside out."

I had surmised the same, but alas, deleting "bottom up" still didn't always work, but would once in a while.

I think the webmaster should be made aware of this.

If you can reproduce it, post to the BUGS forum section. Be sure to specify your operating system, and which browser you're using. There is so much JavaScript embedded in the I'bles pages, it's quite possible that when you use "delete" it does something different than when I do :-(