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Deleting a Draft

Ok, how do you delete a draft in the new editor? 

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Kiteman (author)2014-07-29

There's a drop-down menu at the top-left of the editing page, from a button that looks like a list.

When you hit it, you will get a list of the steps you have written, plus an option to delete the project.

sunshiine (author)Kiteman2014-12-01

Thanks Mr. K! Hope your day shines!

sunshiine (author)Kiteman2014-12-01

I did this and got a message Are you sure you want to delete this instructable ? It should say are you sure you want to delete this step. I have 2 steps that I wish to delete and ca figure out how to do this. Thanks.

Kiteman (author)sunshiine2014-12-01

If you go to the list page, hover over the right side of the step, and a delete button should appear.

JM1999 (author)sunshiine2014-12-01

When you hover your mouse over the step you want to delete a little "X" will appear on the right hand side of that step, click it and it will delete the step.

Brooklyntonia (author)Kiteman2014-07-30

Thank you!