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Delivering a won price to europe Answered

Hi im form Czech Republic - Europe. If i win some price in contest will i get it ? thanks for answering me.. your Kutil


Paracord contest: yes.

Critter contest: no.

Prank contest: yes.

Future contests: check the rules.

Do you have to pay the shipping costs by yourself if you live in europe?

As far as I know, the shipping costs are all paid for by Instructables if you live in one of the eligible countries (see official contest rules). However, if there are any taxes or duties or any other fees (imposed by your country) then you would be responsible for them (as each country has different policies/rules/laws). To find that information, you'd need to contact your country's customs office.

Shipping is paid by Instructables, but some countries (eg UK) will charge import duty on expensive prizes.