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Dell inspiron 1800 wont boot porperly Answered

AHH this is like the 5th time my friend asked me too fix his WINDOWS computer... windows users just don't get it.... But anyways when the machine shows its startup screen, the loading bar fills and it goes to a gray screen asking for a password. he says he hasn't set a password. I am positive I cant blame this on windows though. I am not on dells side either though. Anybody got any ideas ?


i hate dell, they're BIO's suck so, throw it out the window. tell him to get a new one, NOT A DELL.

it woudnt be worth the shipping..... the keyboard all fallen apart he has to use a usb mouse....... it would make a nice clock though......

yeah i reuse them or use them a organ donors (i am like kiteman + killerjackalope)=me!

take mine, i'll leave it out front, it needs a new hard drive

What a coincidence! I can buy a new hard drive! Perfect match.

. Resetting the BIOS _may_ fix it. See your mobo manual (it should be on Dell's web site, if you've lost it) for directions. Usually there is a jumper that has to be moved, then a reboot, then move the jumper back to its' original position. Sometimes removing the battery for a few hours will do it.

It wont even go into bios..... when i meant the loading bar I meant the dell bios loading bar..

. IIRC, all moving the jumper around does is kill the power to battery-backed memory (BIOS settings - including password, RTC, &c;). You don't have to do anything to the BIOS settings for it to work, so it doesn't matter (at this point) if you can get into the setup.

I might just tell him his computer isnt going to work and to NEVER BUY DELL

Start all over? Completely reinstall windows? Fedora 9? Ubuntu? ?

Install Ubuntu to it! If he doesn't like it, then try to install windows.

I think im going to install linux on his computer but its something wrong with his bios

use linux !