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Dentists/Lost Wax casting artists, advice about product please? Answered

I am looking at the cheapest way to begin casting pewter with the lost wax casting or with creating rtv silicone molds and it looks like dental wax is generally the same as jeweller's wax. I would like to know if this product looks suitable for carving for lost wax casting: http://dentala2z.co.uk/PRE10379/en

I would of course melt it to make blocks to carve from.

It looks like it would do the job, carving wax seems to be really expensive in whatever form. Im also looking at using silicone and corn starch. thank you


Try dissolving polythene bags into the wax - it makes it much more carvable, I use it for CNC milling trials. Add as many as you can, in a double boiler, or hot oven.

thanks I didnt realize you could do that. Is there any way of testing a bag to see if its polythene?

Does it dissolve in paraffin wax......
Do some tests on little, postage stamp sized pieces first.
Generally you can tell by the fact its "waxy" to the touch.

Saran wrap IS NOT polythene. MANY disposable carrier bags are

This might get a better answer in the forums, since it probably needs a discussion.

I just use paraffin wax to make single molds.

First I mold the wax.

Then I plaster the wax.

When the plaster is dry I turn the mold over and steam the wax out of the plaster leaving a cavity in the shape I want.

After steaming the mold I bake it in the oven to dry it and pour the metal in the mold while the mold is hot.

This works for me.

thanks for the tips. Ive tried paraffin (candle?) wax before, and I found it much too brittle and crumbly and therefore unusable. I used the same process though with plaster and melting out the wax.