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Design The Robot Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED Answered

Well the time has come, thanks for all the fantastic entries, they were hilarious, really they should all win but i have chosen the top three and i will award the patches

1st Place -

2nd Place -

3rd Place -

Congratz to all who entered, im sure the robot loved his makeover :D


The winner was a good choice, and good artwork. Let this be an inspiration to others (who have patches to give away) L

YAY I win first!

*cackles evilly*

who won?

darn. oh well, congratz to winners.

i sent mine but its not there =( maybe it didnt send or something anyway this is it

robot fonzie copy.jpg

Voting starts today!

Try saving it as a .gif I did that and it worked.

heres my new version!


PM me, i need dont want to screen shot and re upload


Reply 9 years ago

you save it as a weird file :P

Open it up in the same program and click save as then make sure you save it as a jpg or jpeg

Here are the prize patches !

1st Place.jpg2nd Place.jpg3rd Place.jpg

You might want to stick the robot in the background or somthing.

oo dey are quite big aschually

Can I redo mine? I came up with a better Idea....

yea ok, your one is pretty awesome already though !

I am entering, but i cannot win the prizes :P


9 years ago

I am definitely gunna do this...