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Device to pull a garden cart? Answered

I know how to build a garden cart but I want a device to pull it. I want to be able to sit on it, to control it. I thought about a bike but I was wondering if there was anything I could build that I didn't have to pedal, ect.

If I have your permission, I might make an instructable about the top answerer's idea*. If anybody has a question on instructables question, I will try my best, no doubt, to answer your question. Even after I have chosen the best answer, you can still tell me your questions and I will try to answer them until, I don't know, the end of January. 

*I will put in the Instructable, if I do one, the name (screen name) of the best answerer. I will note it throughout the process of the vehicle to pull the cart.


An old riding mower without a deck.

repurpose an electric wheelchair - has all the batteries, drive mechanism, motors, wheels, steering, etc.

Why not just use an old golf cart?

+1 Those motorized scooters you see some older folks riding around would work too... just add a hitch and you have something to tow your garden cart. :-)

That was the tech I was getting at :) -- the 'get unable or unwilling people around carts'

+1 mount it on the cart so you walk behind or in front controlling the motor.


5 years ago

A pony, really old school. Uses no gas just grass.

One problem- I don't have a pasture! I am trying to get enough grass to get one, though!