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Did I hurt something by sitting on my bike wrong? Answered

I went for a short ride today (20 miles - short, ha!) on my mountain bicycle to a local canal to go fish. I deplete water very quick, so I carried a half-gallon milk jug filled with ice. That, my fishing pole, and a few lures was all. The ride is close to 10 miles each way, and is completely on pavement. I rode on the road (with cars) for about 5 miles, and then there is an asphalt bike path set aside. There are hills, but most are somewhat gradual inclines. As I am still pretty out of shape, I was carrying a bit more weight than I would like. That little bike saddle is nearly hard as a rock, and it got quite uncomfortable around mile 18. Anyway, now my butt hurts really bad. It hurts a couple inches down from where my butt cra)'ck starts. Could I have injured my tailbone? Is this common for riders who aren't used to riding for so long? Is it because I sit upright? How could I prevent this? Thanks, Bran.


Hey! Same problem here. But I think I basically just bruised myself. Nothing major. Though we are going out again today, which could suck. I'm trying to improvise. :P

A relevant article from PopSci.

Cycling can also cause genital numbness, erection problems and skin irritations in the groin area, a new report in the urology journal BJU International confirms.

Riders can mitigate the damage by paying close attention to the fit of their bike, making sure they are fully padded, and taking lots of breaks, says Nargund.

Luckily the bruises are usually only skin-deep—no direct link has ever been made between bikes and infertility, the study contends.

It is typical for that to happen to me after a long bike ride. Now chafing is a different story. Vaseline clears that right up!

It's normal, but it's not inevitable. You did bruise some stuff, and the solution is to nose up. But keep in mind that the seat might just be the wrong size/shape (what bike seat isn't though, right?). each saddle is a little different, and most of them are sadistic. Once upon a time I put a tractor seat on my bicycle....


10 years ago

Ah, tailbone- could be worse ;)

For pitch adjustment, I'd suggest nose up a little. I get the same thing because I'm incapable of sitting on chairs properly, have to "perch" on stuff all the time. If you were resting weight on that area it sounds like the frame might be a little small for you- in a perfect world you'd be able to move bike seats forwards and backwards. Try raising the seat so your legs are almost completely straight at bottom dead centre is the only other thing I can suggest.

Rather than a bigger seat you might want to investigate a better one- there's a world of difference between a cheap junky mountain bike seat and a good quality one. You presumably wouldn't ride with an ill-fitting helmet, why put up with ill-fitting seats? Check out a bike shop and ask if you can try some out.

Also guyfrom7up is half-right- riding with a badly adusted seat can put excessive pressure on the perineum and cause "dysfunction" by constricting blood vessels. Just something to keep in mind :)

I also heard you could get sterile my biking too much. Answer: better bike seat

My boys don't feel anything while riding. All the pressure is on my tailbone. If by better you mean bigger or softer, I've tried. The big ones chafe.

I actually read the in a make magazine, but I think that seets that are basically just a frame (it's kinda hollow, like it's just an outline of a seat) is best

Same thing happens on my mom's touring bike. Maybe you need to adjust the angle

Should I go nose up or down with it?

I don't know. Try both and see what is better

Basically it sound like when you are riding you are putting all your weight on your coccyx, heck yeah that's a bad thing, short term, you probably have inflammation, i'd take some ibuprofen. My mother suffered from coccydinia a chronic pain disorder caused by damage to the coccyx. Hint, get a saddle that doesn't make your ass hurt, chafing is temporary, bone disorders are forever.