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Did aerosmith do any good songs.? Answered

I was wondering if anybody knew of some songs that were done by the band aerosmith that don't have bad things in them. I have heard a couple of there songs including Rag Doll and I really like the beat and tune, but they all have something about sex of bad language in them. I was hoping somebody knew of some that had an aerosmith sound but don't have anything bad in them.



That's rock and roll for you (sex and language, and drugs)


I do not think that is how it should be. There are some rock bands that aren't about all that. I did not watch the video you posted but I know what is in that song.
It is just another example of an Aerosmith song that has a great tune but has terrible thing in the lyrics. The reason I asked this question was to find some aerosmith songs that had great tunes but didn't have garbage in the lyrics.

OK why?
Why do you want to pick a song from a regular sex&drugs&rock-n-roll band that isn't regular sex&drugs&rock-n-roll?

Would you prefer Stryper?


I actually like stryper.

I actually like Slayer, but music is to be enjoyed, bickering about words spoils a good tune...


I am using a table cokputer that doesn't support youtube so I couldn't watch that video, but I did read a wikipedia article about them and they sound like they are pretty good. It sounds like they are very similar to metallica and I have heard and liked them.

It always bugs me when somebody says that all heavy metal bands are "guitar destroyers" or "screamers". It takes a lot of talent to play that kind of music.

I never heard slayer but I know they are metal so I probablly would like them. I agree with not arguing about music bu t I have REALLY picky parents.


Because there are some bands that have great tunes in most of there songs and at least a few of their songs are acceptable. I have just heard a few aerosmith songs that have great tunes but bad things in the lyrics and I was hoping they had some that had good tunes but didn't have bad things in the lyrics.

Well, it's up to you, either you can enjoy the tune and ignore the words that you don't like, or you should give-up and listen to something else.
But please don't expose yourself to anything like Bill Hicks, avoid that sort of thing altogether...


The lyrics of that song are so hard to understand I had to go look them up. There is no explicit swear, or use of the words "sex" or "drugs" or anything to that end. There is implied reference to sex but that is about it. I mean no offence but if you are offended by that song you are going to have a tough time finding acceptable rock music.

I suggest going to the site Re-design proposed and checking the lyrics of each song one by one as it is hard of other people to estimate what would or would not be acceptable for you.

As an alternative I would suggest looking into other styles of music where the whole "sex, drugs and rock&roll" is less popular. Specially the more electronic genres focus less on lyrics and more on the tune but even things such as Power Metal can have some relatively innocent lyrics (powermetal tends to focus on fantasy settings with dragons and such). Then there are of course the more exotic/regional music genres. From Fado (traditional portuguese songs of lament), Kodo (japanese drums), Kuduro (traditional west african music) and Guajira (traditional cuban).

Good luck in your search!

Did any one sing any good songs after 1970?

I personally like Aerosmith. I don't think there is a really bad influence made with sex, language etc that any other band hasn't already done. I got my son into Aerosmith if that means anything to you or not.

As far as recommendations:

Sweet Emotion
Come Together
Dream On (as suggested by monsterlego)
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (From the Armageddon Soundtrack)
What It Takes
Livin' On The Edge
The Other Side
Walk This Way

These should get you started. :)

Maybe some of these are good but I know that walk this way has terrible things in the lyrics.

Well like I said, this is a list of my personal favorites. As suggested in my other comment, do a Google search with any of the song titles suggested + lyrics. You can then read the words in the song before ever listening to it. If you find the song(s) meet your expectations, you can then choose to listen to them or not.

BTW, If you are still "concerned" about any of the lyrics, you can easily use Google search the song title + lyrics and you'll most certainly find a site that has the full lyrics for any of the suggested songs. From that you can make an informed decision on whether you want to listen to the song from that point forward. The list I gave are some of my favorites, but how far you want to censor the information is entirely up to you.

I'm not a big Aerosmith fan but as far as I recall their lyrics aren't all that bad.. There is one about liking the colour pink, the one they did with Run DMC way back when was clean I think and the one they did for the movie Armageddon was a love song of some sorts so it can't have been overly aggressive.

Thank You but I was hoping you could give me a list of specific songs.

Check out this site and see if you can find what you want.

I find that for most music until you look up the lyrics they aren't really understandable, they may as well be in another language for the most part.