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Did everyone else earn an Instructables Halloween card? Answered

I got a vague and generic email saying I have earned a Halloween card from Instructables. Then it asked for my name and mailing address. It this some sort of marketing gimmick so that Instructables can sell my information to a bunch of scam artists and the publisher's clearing house? Or is Instructables secretly working with the FBI to turn in people who have submitted Instructables that adversely affect the economy and/or domestic security? Or am I just really paranoid? Cuz I really think I earned a Halloween card. :)


Awesome. I tried searching for this question, but the only thing that pops up is a few sponsor links.

Hallowe'en card? I didn't get one, what does it look like?

The little people don't know, yet. But I'm sure we'll see pictures of it posted here next month, along with a rush of related Instructables. "How to use your Instructables Halloween Card to win a Bar Bet" "How to screen print a T-shirt with an Instructables Halloween Card" "How to use your Instructables Halloween Card to scare small children" "How to make an Instructables Halloween Card Frame out of duct tape" "Coputer model describing how to make a 40'x60' Mona Lisa out of 3,000 Instructable Halloween cards" - everyone in the country send in your card to make this happen!

They already knew your location based on your IP. There are a LOT too many people on instructables for them to afford sending a card to all of them. Perhaps all people with postcount ++ or ible count, or contest entries...who knows.

Already discussed in another Answer. Yes, many did. It seems to just be a combination of building customer loyalty and getting statistics on where readers are in order to better sell ads on the site, but these days a bit of applied paranoia is perfectly reasonable.