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Did someone try gaming the Craftsman competition? Answered

I noticed a re-shuffle of some of the entrants. Thankfully great instructables like the https://www.instructables.com/id/Hidden_Treasure_Box_Inlaid_Wood_Box_with_Hidden_/ made it through even though they weren't in the top 30 at the time of closing - I stand to be corrected.

That all said, I think the popular vote alone is not the best mechanism for the first round of the competition.... ideas???


Thanks for mentioning my project in your post! I noticed some of the shifty ratings/vote rankings myself but just put faith in the instructables crew that they would work things out. I'm sure they log IPs at the least, and multiple votes for one project from the same computer might be a red flag.

well, I had a number of work colleagues actually create Instructable accounts from my machine and vote for me on my desktop.. so... But I'm glad you made it to the final 30 and hope you make it to the top 15.. which your project deserves! To be honest.. while the 20K or $500 prizes are nice motivation the real reward is to be found in the comments. The postive feedback is so rewarding. I'm super stoked to see at least one person comment on a design they created based on my instructable - that, to me, is priceless (o;

I wasn't trying to imply anything, I was just taking a stab at where I would start looking for 'questionable' behavior. I definitely enter contests here for the sake of having a deadline - that helps me keep my motivation up on projects I do for myself. The prizes are a bonus, but that's not what I'm here for. Good luck in the contest - I love any project that turns a mundane object into something special. I'm willing to bet that plenty of people will be trying out variations on what you did!


9 years ago

Did you look at votes, or ratings? I didn't follow the vote closely, but it's comfortably in the top 30.

Also, the staff vets entries in the contests, looking for .... discrepancies. For instance, one project just outside the top 30 was rated 42 times (we don't know the vote totals), yet has only a total of 289 views.

That indicates 14.5% of the people who viewed that project voted. Yet a random survey of the most popular instructables yields voting percentages of 0.12%, 0.08%, 0.15%, 0.07%, etc. All less than 1/4 of one percent. A very high votes / views might trigger a closer look...

Only one instructable I checked had a votes per view percentage over 1/2 of one percent ( 0.67%, this one , and he probably has a lot of Burning Man friends...)

I do wish they would show the # of votes during voting, but perhaps they fear that's like exit polls and would effect the voting process...