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Did we all sleep through English class? Answered

I mean really!  I know this isn't school, or professional publishing in the comments.  Really I do.  But what's with the runon ramblings?  You all know you have read one (at least).  These people sometimes really have something valuable to say, but they say it all in one ridiculous runon sentence and you can't tell where one thought ends and the next begins and oh by the way I stopped reading it ages ago because I got tired of decoding.  The whole point of posting a comment is because you wanted someone to read it, right?  So be kind to our eyes and make it a little easier, please.  Periods, commas, these are our friends.  Insert them in the spaces you pause for breath when speaking.

And a side note:
Your- ownership, belonging to you
You're- You are, a contraction

Their- belonging to them
They're- They are, a contraction

Things-plural of a thing
Thing's-again, ownership, not a plural
the only time to use an apostrophe in making plural is if it is an abbreviation, as in the law suit between the two WWF's.

I feel better now, thank you.



8 years ago

You know what there is nothing I hate more than people who write in run on sentences and they are probably the worst people I know because the sentences they write stretch on and on and don't have any good punctuation and don't even follow a train of thought like that puppy I saw on the side of the street when I drove over the cat in my Honda rebel motorcycle that has a big engine and goes fast also I hate commas they are the most over used thing and they make me touch your hand for stupid reasons.

Omg I know how you feel because a lot of people don't use punctuation and they are always very long sentences about nothing in particular and ramble a whole bunch when it really isn't nessecary but they still do it and I don't understand why they can't make new sentences it makes me hate them and my little bro who only 7YRS old hates them too and don't even know what they did.

Yes I hate run on sentences so much I HATE THEM I HATE THEM MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS DAMN WORLDDDDDDDDD id rather use a spider or rat den them they r so ugly and fat !!!!!!!!!

*puts hands in pockets awkwardly*

Thank you, I'm glad at least a few agree with me

u meen !i now it make's me fele al warm n fuzy insidde!

ha don corect ppls grmr sum f us jst cant typ to gud don mak fun of us its not r falt don be h8n n us u jerk

These comments give you all the time you choose to take to make corrections, so typing ability does not matter.  Tell me English is not your first language and I can totally understand.  It seems to me if I have something to say, I will make sure and make it understandable...  But that is just me being a logical jerk.

u mite wan 2 luk @ r othr comnnts on th cite we rnt al dat bad mst of th tiem

That is true, and even what you are doing does not bother me.  It's a whole paragraph that is one giant runon, like the author never stopped to breathe...

u men a gaint runun sentance where da riter guy just goz onanonanon witout ever stoping abot nonsinse taht dosent mak anee since n wihtout usin anee punctuiation or aneetihng n mispeling da werds as she gos wihtout bohtring ta use speelchckr or lok up werds n teh dcitionary or google ya i now taht kind of taking iz rly annyng iznt it

i cud prolly rite a hole parragraf if i wnted 2 its just th prob u see i dont hav anythn 2 rite bout id jst b ramblin an not sayn nothn but i gess i cud tri if u wnt me 2 rite it all its jst hrd to do lol dont be h8n i don no gramer r speln it not my falt i don hav educaton or nutin im not smrt like u leve me alon bout my speln n stuf u don no me don juge me u suck u shudnt be meen to guis lik me i cant help it an i jst wanna finly ad tis last bit on th end her to finsh dis big parrgraf lolwut?

You don't need that apostrophe after WWF. It's acceptable and often used, but WWFs would be correct.

youuuuuuuu nooooooo wutttt i hateeeee??? wennnn ppl on facebook typeeee likeee thissssss i meen rlly?
Really though, it is annoying.