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Did you know ? - VIDEO - Interesting facts and how our world is changing Answered

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A really interesting video, this one focuses on technology and the internet.

The YouTube channel for this video and many other interesting videos is here;

Just take 5 minutes out of your usual browsing and learn something :)

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lemonie (author)2009-09-19

I didn't learn a lot from that, but it was of interest.

Morons in my office spend a lot of time on Facebook doing their farms and other people's farms "I leveled them up 3 times" (they're stupid, don't know what they're doing) plus stupid moronic old-woman quizzes, it's tedious and depressing... The number of times I hear "I love-" e.g. Paul O'Grady Strictly- X- (yes they're pissed-off about the scheduling)....

Technology should be denied to those who don't understand it.


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PKM (author)lemonie2009-09-20

I used to think that, then I realised how little I knew about how the internet worked (the OSI layer model, routing protocol etc) and how VLSI chips work between the logic gate level and running machine code, so I wouldn't have been allowed to use computers until I was about 20. As Arthur Dent puts it, left to his own devices he couldn't build a toaster.

I would say technology should be denied to those who don't respect it or have an inkling about its proper use, though. This whole "farms" thing on Facebook is beyond incomprehensible to me.

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lemonie (author)PKM2009-09-20

A good response, you put it better. L

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