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Did you see the Lunar Eclipse? Answered

Well, unfortunately i did not see the lunar eclipse because it was too cloudy. =(

But did any of you see it?
Was it pretty cool?



10 years ago

I saw it

Too many clouds, it was severely cold here, the snow would have gotten in my eyes, and one final things.....*sigh*....I was working.

Severely cold there, and I was out barefooted and in a t-shirt. I saw some of it, but Mythbusters got in my way of seeing all of it. I still want to see the solar eclipse though. I missed it last time.

I didn't know that there is going to be one in August. Thanks for the info. Now it's just going to be remembering it...

Yes, well, you see that blue band in the Pic? that is where it will be pretty much Total....as you get further south of the line, it is less of an eclipse.

Yeah, I read the link after I had posted that comment. Kind of unfortunate... Maybe it would be a good time for that trip to Europe I have been thinking about...

Even there it is pretty far north. Maybe a trip to Canada to see the eclipse of the sun ? *sorry* there is nostalgic music playing in the back of my head LOL Something about going to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun......

Ah, you're right. I was looking at all of the bands. Canada would probably be cheaper anyways...

I still want to see the solar eclipse though. I missed it last time.
Me too :(

i did not get to see it because it was 2 cloudy

I saw it! It was really cool, and i got some pics... I might upload 'em if I get the chance.


10 years ago

Yea I watched the whole think brrrr! :) all the clouds blew away right in time for it to start. It was a picture perfect cloudless starlit night :)


Reply 10 years ago

woops I meant thing :)


10 years ago

Damned clouds were in the way aswell.

i got lucky, i got a look at it round 9ish. but i came back later and BAM! ...clouds

what about the destruction of the satellite? Did anyone see that? ...i didn't... wait, was it even close enough to see?

It looked cool at first, but I went to my room to work on homework, came back upstairs about 20 minutes before totality, and the sky was completely overcast. Go figure.

I saw it and took some pics though my telescope. The second pic is of Saturn, you can faintly see the outline of the rings if you look closely.


Yep, same here it was too cloudy in Windsor CO. Kind of sucks.

I saw it, it was kinda red, it was hard to see cause of trees (I live in a forest)

I saw part of it, but I was eating dinner while the total eclipse was occurring.

yeahh... we got back to the hotel at 10:30 X_X

I didn't see it. I think I forgot. :P

I saw the eclipse. My dad woke me up at 10 and I used a nice pair of binoculars to watch it. It was really clear where I am. It was beautiful.


10 years ago

I saw it just fine and dandy. It was pretty neat, but I still long to see a solar eclipse.

Nope. Dang clouds blocked it all night...

I didn't see it. Partly because it was cloudy, but mainly because it happened at 3am over here.


10 years ago

Yeah it was pretty cool. I was also hoping to see a missile flying in the air and make a big fire ball. Although I didn't see it. If you don't know what I'm talking about it was the U.S navy shooting down a broken satellite that supposedly had radioactive gas or something. I'm thinking it had some sensitive information. *wink*

Yeah it looked really cool. Luckily, the clouds went away while I was at school so we would be able to see it.

I thought it was supposed to be tonight?


10 years ago

I didn't. In fact, I looked out my window and saw the moon quite clearly. However, my girlfriend saw it in Florid, and told me that it was really cool. She had never seen one before, so she was pretty excited.