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Did/Does anyone have kids like this on your bus Answered

ok, theres this kid on my bus, isaac, and i swear he is possessed by the devil. i just wanna know if anyone else has weirdos like this, or knows them. just a video i made of him...


I know a guy like this... he really creeps me out. he talks about harnesting the power of the devil and crap like that....

We're sorry, this video is no longer availiable.

Yes. And they anger me ever so much.

Let's not start our rant about the annoying kids on thwe bus again... :P

I feel your pain.

That's why they should bring back spanking in schools.

they still have it at my school, but its called "corporal punishment" I call it "cruel and unusual punishment

Honestly: I'm about 10x worse than this.

>Soooooo glad I don't ride a bus

I'm glad I only ride the bus on days I don't have track practice, except track is almost over :(

Does Satan realize he's on the Intraweb?

And, no, you got it good. That's an accurate depiction of what I'm like on the bus sometimes... The kids on my bus "conduct business", if you will... *cough*drugtrafficking*cough* and talk about.. .erm... weird stuff...

lucky enough for me, a good friend and I are the eldest on my bus, but its the lil ones I'm afraid of, i hope they dont traffic drugs(most of them are 6-9)

wow, crazy. and you cannot post videos of him without his parents consent.

hes just a friend of mine, and it was his idea to begin with, it was my idea to put it in the forums

attention seeking...

There was a little like, second or third grader that was going to grab my butt on the bus.

Wow, that kid can make some weird noises!

This so can't be legal. The video was pretty funny, but I don't think you can't post this kid on the web without permission.

i know him, and his father, and his family, hes my neighbor haha