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Different Name for the contest Answered

They should call the contest the "What can you make out of an altoids tin contest." Anybody have any other ideas for alternate names?


seriously half of them are altoids related so they should at least consider making a contest like that.

Sports contest.

How about a "Not-oids Contest"?

Making a great project is a fun challenge. But it's not always about working within constraints to see how much stuff you can fit into a little tin.

Due to popular request, we're introducing a new contest - the Not-oids Contest!

Any entry that doesn't involve an Altoids tin can be entered. Rule of thumb: if it has an Altoids tin anywhere near it, it's not a Not-oid.

So show us something awesome and win a tin of Altoids. We'll also be giving you an Instructables Robot t-shirt and some other goodies.