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Difficulty leaving comments and responses to comments Answered

Lately it has become increasingly more difficult to respond to someone's comment on one of my Instructables. It has also become more difficult to leave a comment on someone else's Instructable. I click on the appropriate button ("Comment," "Reply"), but there is no response. Sometimes I can comment or respond during some very strange hour of the night when Internet traffic is very low. I have checked this on different computers, but the same problem persists. 

Today I also noticed the yellow text boxes have disappeared from one of my earlier Instructables. If I go to "Edit" I can see ghost images of the yellow text boxes, but cannot read or edit them. For some time I have not been able to edit or add text boxes in the Edit mode, only when I am viewing steps of the Instructable. 

Are transitions underway on the Instructables page that make these temporary problems?

Also, the words "Instructable" and "Instructables" always show up as misspelled. It seems strange the site name is identified by the spell checker as a misspelling.


Phil B

6 years ago

I just downloaded the newest version of Mozilla's Firefox browser. It is working just as it should and I am able to comment and reply to comments.

I have the same problem, Phil. The second time the comment enter.

I have a solution to the reply button. I use safari and we all know that has glitches. You can just right click on reply then hit open link in new window, when it loads, scroll down and hit the reply. If you arn't using safari, then I don't know if this works.

As for the text boxes, I got no clue. Just try a different browser

A well made website should work with all browsers.

I gave the right click stratagem you suggested a try, but the available options simply opened a new window for me and did not bring up a response box, if I understood you properly.

It is now 2:09 AM Sunday, February 5. Suddenly I am able to go back to comments others have left and make a reply. Shortly before 2 AM I had tried and it did not work, but now it does. (For some reason I awoke and was not going back to sleep after a decent interval, so I will get up and do some useful things until I get drowsy and am ready to fall off to sleep again.)

Last evening I prepared an Instructable for uploading. The text boxes would work and then not work. I just opened the Instructable and the text boxes do show.

Right now I am using Internet Explorer, but was able to leave comments using Google Chrome, too.

Thank you for your comment.


6 years ago

I have problems if I use the rich editor, then try to use the plain editor afterward on the same page. Canceling the comment, then reloading the page fixes it for me here. But I use an antique web browser so I figure the problem is here, not with this website. I've had that issue here for as long as I can remember.

Build identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20110420 SeaMonkey/2.0.14

I tried the newer version of my web browser, didn't like it, then downgraded back. I like what I like. What can I say? Sometimes when the world marches on I sit it out. Especially when it comes to computers and the Internet.

First, what browser (and version of that browser) are you using?

I am using the most current versions of Intenet Explorer and Google Chrome, mostly the latter. (I am a little surprised that the Reply button worked on your response. Thank you.

Ok, well I am now using MSIE (latest update, whatever the number is) and I am not having difficulties at the moment either. Normally my difficulties come with uploading pictures or using the RICH EDITOR (that is with MSIE).  

But even that appears to be working now.  MOST of the time I use FF just to avoid problems but when I am on break at work and sign in, I haven't that option.