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Digital table pens Answered

Has anyone thought about making their own pen/airbrush for digital tablets? Was wondering if anyone had suggestions / advise / &/or an instructable that they would share. thanks


It's a software thing, there's probably something out there already. What did you want to use one for? L

I was just overly curious as to how the pens were constructed (ie, making my own) for the Wacom tablets. I'm not wanting to change the software, just find a least expensive way of using the tablet.

Do you not get a pen with the tablet? I haven't yet understood the need to make your own. L

There isn't necessarily a need, as a pen does come with the tablet. However, extra pens are in the $30 + range. Aside from saving some money, I'm just curious to see how they are made.

You could take it apart and see... I suspect magnets have something to do with it but that's a simple suspicion...