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Disappearing Unpublished Projects. Answered

I started writing an instructable a hour or so ago, and saved it. I got the message that it had been savd, and got no error messages. I hadn't added any images to it.

I just came back to do a bit more on it, and it's gone. No sign of it in my unpublished list.

A quick glance through my unpublished list, I see that at least two other unpublished projects without images that I made a brief start on in the last week or two have also disappeared.

Personally, I haven't lost much, they were just notes to remind me to actually do the projects, but it could just as easily have been a huge ible I lost.

That makes it an important bug that needs fixing before too many people lose too much work.



9 years ago

Kiteman, can you remember any particular words in any of the disappeared instructables? Particularly if they're not that common ones. I will look in the database and see what I can find.

Today's included YGLF, GG and wonderweb.

0_o That the one on how to take over the world?


9 years ago

I found at least one (which I will PM you about, Kiteman). Preliminary theory is that there's a bug in the finding or display of unpublished Instructables, not that the data is actually lost. I'll keep on at this and let you know when it is fixed.

Cool, thanks for your help.

I have an unpublished from 2007... but I have noticed disappearing comments. Things where I'm completely sure that I commented, but it's not there next time I look. If I screenshotted every one I might be able to post a bug, but it doesn't happen often enough for me to think it worth the effort.


My older ones are still there (I have so many unfinished projects!), it's the recent ones (last couple of weeks) that have gone.

mmm, I'll bear this in mind. Do any of your images go, or just the Instructable? L

They didn't have any images, just text.