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Disaster Access [aka Instructables Off-Line]? Answered

As I get more involved in Instructables, I'm constantly struck by just how much real-world useful information is covered by Instructables that could be an invaluable resource in just about any disaster situation!

Being a bit of a prepper, my mind keeps coming back to the fact that without network access [for personal/local/regional reasons], all of that incredible information would be out of reach. :-(

Being a "Pro" member, I've decided to build an offline indexed repository of PDF copies of Instructables that I believe would be most useful in disaster situations. I understand this is not something I could "share", because one of the fundamental aspects of Instructables Pro Membership is access to PDF copies for personal use.

With that said, has anyone at Instructables thought about putting together and maintaining an "offline" edition?  I would gladly pay an additional membership subscription fee to have access to download such an offline archive edition that was updated on a quarterly [let's say] basis!

I get how this might seem like a hard sell to the AutoDesk overlords, because of the potential for abuse via piracy, but I can NOT see how any pirated access to the information on such an archive, would directly impact instructables.com subscriptions, because with the online subscription, what you're really paying for is all the ONLINE aspects of timeliness, community, feedback, etc., none of which would apply to an offline archive.


Like I said, It's just something my mind keeps coming back to, and I wondered if anyone else thought along these same lines?



What, so you're filling a hard drive?

What projects are you including, and what are the criteria for inclusion?

Thumb drive, and then burn off to BluRay for archival purposes.

Right now I'm still "browsing" to establish my criteria for inclusion. It's mostly for a prepper/disaster-recovery focus, so to start with as many of the "fundamental skills" Instructables that I can find. Various survival skills, food prep skills, then moving on to "found parts" type Instructables.

I'll probably put together an online index, so that I can get feedback and suggestions before indexing them offline.

I guess I'm posting here to see if anyone else (including Instructables.com) is already working on something similar? :)

As far as I know, no, but true survivalists are often a secretive bunch...

In a genuine End Times situation, I think hardcopy would be better, since it doesn't rely on electricity or fragile hardware to be read. You could try compiling a list of projects, then try persuading HQ they would make a good book...?

Unless one means to "dig in", which many do, "hardcopy/books" are too heavy/bulky to be practical. Such "things" create far too much incentive to stay, when it would be wiser to bug. ;-)

I'm not an "end times" prepper. I'm more of a disaster recovery prepper for things like contagions, natural disasters, infrastructure disruptions, etc.

In those scenarios electronic devices will continue to play an active roll, so things like Data Drops, with electronic copies of this sorts of info, becomes invaluable!