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Stippling in Gimp? Answered

How do you Stipple/Dither in Gimp I want to create an effect like the one in the image below




9 years ago

or enter "boondoggle" in your search engine (this is what I grew up calling it rather than gimp which is what is used to do this craft). you should come up with a searchleading you to "boondoggle man"

according to my search a boondoggle is a sceme that waste time and money I was looking for a halftone tutorial I didnt find one for gimp, but I found one for inkscape

i've done two tutorials for the halftone effect in gimp.  you can see them here: http://istarlome.deviantart.com/gallery/#tutorials :)

have fun and check out my other tuts...

the inscape and gimp tuts are on the same page. but here are the links the the gimp ones.\:



again, if you select the cmyk option you will get the effect more like your picture above.

have fun :)

Are you looking for instructions on using the plastic lacing used for making lanyards, keys chains, etc? That is also called gimp (although gimp is also a type of thread used to make jewerly). If this is what you are looking for reply back and let me know, if not, I'm sorry if I misunderstood your question. Different people call things by different names and it can lead to confusion. lol

erm no, im talking about GIMP the raster image editor

oh, to get it to look more like the box above.  select cmyk under the screen options.

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thanks, mainly because this answer wouldnt post, and it made me mad >:(